Cloud Services

"The cloud" allows providers to deliver safe, reliable computer resources as a service over the network including include applications, servers, development platforms, backup, storage capacity, business continuity and disaster recovery ― without capital investment and without compromising security.

Cloud Services

Private & hybrid clouds

Cloud technologies and services to help you build and run private and hybrid clouds

Iaas Saas Services

IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS

ISmartCloud services—including self-service SoftLayer cloud infrastructure with instant deployment



  • Configure CPU core count

  • RAM and storage easily and quickly

  • Dedicated servers with a full range of software and upgrade options delivered on demand with month-to-month contracts

Managed IaaS

  • Fully managed, security-rich, production-ready cloud environment for enterprise applications

  • Fully managed, highly secure IaaS cloud optimized for critical enterprise workloads with99.9 % SLAs for virtual server uptime and many advantages of a private cloud still providing flexible scaling and pricing

Managed cloud infrastructure and services

For production workloads, dev/test and new opportunities

Cloud specifically designed for running critical enterprise workloads including Oracle and SAP applications, as well as managed enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for critical web and other applications and dev and test environments.

Cloud benefits inclulde:

  • Dedicated, shared or hybrid environments

  • ITIL practices

  • Best of breed data centers

  • Redundant system design from power supplies to networks

  • Hypervisors options

  • VPN options

Why cloud computing...?

Cost-effective cloud computing solutions allow companies to easily access the infrastructure and platform resources that meet their needs.


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